Bigg Boss Julie Helping a Child The real face of Julie

Big boss Juile. Big boss Tamil, the famous program in Tamil channel. This program is Telecasted in Vijay television and hosted by Kamalhaasan. All the contents of big boss became very popular in recent days.
Julie is one of the participant who got through many controversies. There were many trolls against juile in social medias.Before that juile got popularity due to her participation in Jallikattu protest at Marina.Later she came as a contestant for big Tamil. Her behaviour in big boss house pushed her into many controversies and trolls.
Now she made a video for 1 year old baby who has a problem in liver. The family is in need of 20 lakhs for operation. Julie should be appreciated for making these kind of videos.
Sharing this information can share a baby’s life.Here is the video of juile talking about the baby.

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