Bigg Boss Julie interview Troll Video

Mariam Juliana, Bigg Boss celebrity who gained popularity among the public by her active participation in jallikattu protest lost her good name in show by fighting against people’s favourite oviya and cornering her by joining hands with other housemates. Her lie is the main reason for the big problem inside the house and she was evicted in the same week when oviya exited the house.
Bigg Boss celebrities were restricted to gave a public interview for 100 days as per the agreement. Now bigg Boss is over and everyone started giving interviews. Recently Julie also appeared on a 15 minutes interview video where she had replied to the criticisms on her boldly. She got severely trolled for that as well. But she is happy about the troll and thanked meme Creators that either it is positivity or negativity she is getting famous because of them. Watch both the troll on her and her highly criticized videos below:

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