Kollywood Friendu Trendu Put Chutney

The hero’s friend is the perfect go-between in Tamil cinema. He is the guy who bears the brunt of anything and everything the hero attempts to do. From wooing the heroine to getting whacked by the villain, the hero always pawns off crucial activities to his friend. The friend tries to reason with the way his character is written in every film – if he does so much, how come he is not the hero?

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Raj Mohan
Arun Kumar
Vijay Siddhartha

Director - Chidambaram Manivannan
Writer - Shivakanth
DOP - Kugan S Palani
Art Director - Vasakar. K
Production - Abbhinav Kastura & Arun Prakash
Editor - Darshan
Music, SFX and Dubbing - Subramania Siva
CG - Antony Rajesh
Asst Directors - Tanushree Raghavan and Vijay Siddhartha
Colorist - Prakash. K
Additional SFX - Diluxshan. A
Lights - Mayil

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