Mersal film story prediction

Mersal film story prediction

Vijay 61 film title has been released last week and it’s been named as MERSAL
From the hints got from the shooting spot pic and the rumours here is the story of Mersal. As we all know there were three roles for Vijay in this film. First character is father and the other two are his sons. The pair of father Vijay is nithya Menon. This father character may be came as flash back or the opening scene.

But the father character happened in 1980’s. There Vijay owns land and cows and doing agriculture in his land and his wife was pregnant at that time.

He got huge respect from the village peoples for his gratitude. Here s. J. Surya takes the antagonist role. He may be Christian and he doesn’t have children.

For opening factory he purposefully betrayed father Vijay by owning all his lands and the village people land using father Vijay’s name.

Then he killed him. At that time nithya Menon delivered her baby. S.J.Surya who doesn’t have child takes him and let her die.

Later a Muslim friend of vijay came there and saw the scenario at that time nithya Menon delivered her second child and he gets promise from Vijay’s friend and let him carry her child.

Then the flashback over if it comes as flashback or the subtitle card reads after 20 years.

The S.J.Surya’s adapted Vijay may also plays a antagonist role initially handling his company becomes millionaire. The second look may be this Vijay and he romancing kajal agarwal.

Another Vijay was grew up as Muslim without told him that his father was killed and he was adapted and he romances with samantha.

As the story progress the antagonist Vijay came to India there he saw kajal and fall in love. To promote his business he came to the same village and there they try to capture the remaining lands.

Thus the fight starts between the two sons of father Vijay. And by the film progress with some twist and turns both came to know about the truth that they were twins and his father was killed by S.J.surya.

And may be this is the climax that s.J.Surya becomes a good man an both of them starts to do agriculture to save farmers.

Again a farmer oriented story from Vijay it seems. Atlee not well known for story but he exceptionally well in scenes. He placed the scenes and uses the components in scenes may be awesome.

So may be Mersal film story is old like other Atlee films but the look and how he carry over may be the strength of the film.
The is overall story prediction by our TamilQ team from the rumours and photos from shooting spot.

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