Nepoleon In Hollywood Movie Devil's Night Trailer

Coming in 2019 - // Directed By: Sam Logan Khaleghi // "Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge" is a crime-thriller that follows a military veteran named Billie Jean Finnick (Jesi Jensen) returning home to take up work in law enforcement. When she is assigned to a series of cases that are surrounded by urban mythology, the chaos of the supernatural takes over her small town ... and the legend of the Nain Rouge creature arrives.

Directed & Produced By: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Executive Produced By: Tel K. Ganesan & G.B. Thimotheose
Co-Produced By: Jesse Dean Crawfis
Original Music By: Swifty McVay & James Stonehouse
Original Screenplay By: Aaron Herman Russman
Cinematography & Editorial By: Istvan Lettang

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