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Amény's home.
Night / int.

Ama and Malin.
Malini: "It's okay? Is this antenatal? "

Amai: "Let's go to the temple."

Malini: "In the temple? Are you not a wizard? Who is the only devotee of the Bharatanatna? "

Smile Amai.


Enough of this dialogue, to mark his politics, not a long session of a high-flying bhagavodhava, a white horse, and a cloak of a dog in the captain of the captain. This conversation is just enough. In the 1981 story of VP Singh Congress chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Bharat, in the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

The raid is the story of Amesh Patnaik (Ajay Devgan), the upright Incomplex official who raises his house to Rameshwar Singh's Tauja (Saurabh Shukla) and his house, "Hum Uthar ka AP Kendra repensative hee". 90% of the film is confined to Tavuji's house, known as White House, and director Rajkumar Gupta is able to make Raid a gripping film.

In the script of RAID has also been written by Odiran's execution, which has been canceled. Without a romance track, there was a lot of fun in a movie that had been a long time, but my wife and my husband and wife did not have any hymns to praise me anymore, but the fight would not have happened. When Ierianna comes on the screen, the script writes down.

Saurabh Shukla takes away the fun of the battle. The difference between the Hindi and the English, the Urikaran Bhaiya, the older brother who takes care of the unwilling youngsters, the politician who challenges the government officials with the arrogance of a chapel, King Maker, who asked me to stop the raid in my home, went to the Prime Minister and told me that the mother of a diabetic was in love with a piece, He mentions a suicidal wife who mocks herself, her husband and her husband and her husband and her husband and her family are threatening her with a dirty death.

Ajay Devgan is full of body language and screen prince. Like Rakulpreet Singh in Dhirana, it is a necessity that the epicenter of Iliyana. Amit Sial, who is an Income Tax Officer Sudhir Kumar Lalli, reminded Naswauddin Siddiqui, in a positive way. Irfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are the ones who come into the range.

The raid is a movie that tells us about what India is then projecting with a clear polarization. Those who mourn as demons of demonization, and have a mandatory view of the people who have posted Facebook post with a red-coated coworker. This is a reminder of the old age Bharath, for those who say "the tiger is the tiger." The rest of the ordinary people will have a one-time watch.

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