Schoolgirl Got Stabbed By A Stalker In Classroom

Schoolgirl Got Stabbed By A Stalker In Classroom

Schoolgirl Got Stabbed By A Stalker In Classroom Even the nurse who attended her couldn’t hold back the tears

Something similar happened with a 9th-grade student recently.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl was stabbed by a classmate who used to stalk her every day.
On Tuesday, the girl studying in 9th standard was brutally attacked by her murderer. He brought a sword to the school to slit her throat.

The horrific incident took place in a private school in Punjab’s Talwandi Sabo.
During the attack, the girl tried to defend herself and got her veins slit by the unceasing attacks.

The alleged has been identified as, Jasvir Singh, a class Xth dropout from the same school.
According to the reports, the killer mounted on the school wall and entered the school premises with a sword in his hand.

The police said that the guy wanted to slit her throat. Around 7.15 AM, he entered the classroom and suddenly pounced on the victim.
Not only this, but earlier Jasvir had also slapped the girl on her way to school.

She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital from where she was referred to Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital in Faridkot.
The CCTV footage at the school captured Jasvir entering and leaving the classroom.

Police officials are investigating the matter as to what triggered such wicked actions. A case of attempt-to-murder has been registered against him.
We should stand up against such cruelty and start taking some serious actions against such perverts.

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