Vivegam Review

Vivegam Review

After delivering the super hit 'Veeram' and the blockbuster 'Vedalam' director Siva has tied up with Thala Ajith for the third time for 'Vivegam' which is much much bigger in scale as well as pre-release expectations. Let's see how the film has come out.

Vivegam is the story is about how Ajay Kumar aka AK (Ajith) destroys the ploy of traitors to cause many bomblasts and kil a lot of innocent people across countries

The film is all about the Army. While Aijth and Vivek Oberoi are friends in this film. They both moving to Europe for their secret mission along with Akshara Haasan. The team wants to save their motherland, India is the main story plot of this film.

In the Vivegam first half, It is Truly good Hard work, their effort shows in all portions as packed with splendid theater moments. Thala at his best. Vivegam has one of the best Ajith’s intro sequences. So, we requested all the audience don’t go in late. After the intro scenes, Surviva takes place and ruling the sound boxes of the theatres. We can see the Aijth’s bike chasing segments immediately in the first half of the film itself.

According to the first half Review, the repeat value of the film is guaranteed. Vivegam second half is all about the race. So, there is no place to slowdown your patience at any point in the screenplay of the Ajith’s Vivegam. This is a biggest Spy-action thriller film of Tamil cinema in 2017.

Ajith and Vivek oberai played well in this flick. Also, actress Akshara who carrying password in her hand. Anirudh’s Army Background music getting applause and whistles. As mentioned previously, all the cast and crew had their hard work for this film. Especially, Ajith takes more risk this movie when to compare with his past recent movies. Overall all the film packed with the rating of 4.5 out of 5 by the critics. From the audience, they all satisfied fully for Thala Ajith, Siva, and Anirudh’s background musics.

Vivegam Review
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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